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Notarisation Services in London - What is notarisation?

Notarisation of a document, is the verification of an original document, creating a notarised copy by dating, adding the required stamps, seals and affixing a Notarial Certificate.
Notarising a document with a signature, the Notary Public will certify a person's signature on the document to verify that the person signing is the person named in the document.

Visiting a Notary Public

What documents can be Notarised? Are all documents required to be notarised?

Notarise UK documents, setting up a company abroad, swearing an affidavit, granting a power of attorney, certificate notarisation, degree attestation. Notarised copies of documents for example medical certificates, University degrees, Diplomas, bank statements, passports, driving licences, identity cards and utility bills.

Some country requirements allow documents bundles requiring one Notarial certificate, the Notary Public will advice on the requirements

Depending on the requirements of the country the document is to be used in, the document you are getting notarised may require additional documents attached such as a passport copy, proof of address..

Witnessing signature

Consult with to the Notary Public

Offering a friendly and professional notary public service from our offices at 3rd Floor, 30 Stamford Street, Waterloo, Southwark, London, SE1 9LQ.

To find our Notary offices, we are located behind the OXO tower, close to Southwark Tube Station (upon exiting turn left and walk 5 minutes). A short walk from Blackfriars Tube Station and Train Station, Waterloo Tube Station and Train Station is also a short walk.

iNotary Limited provide a focused service dealing with your documentation in all aspects of notarial work for individuals and companies.

We provide the recommended steps for any processes required after the Notarisation of your documents, notary translation services, FCDO apostille stamp, consular legalisation services for documents that need Embassy or chamber of Commerce stamp.

Check if your document can be Notarised, feel free to email: and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Document being Notarised

How do I know if my document needs to be notarised?

If the document is to be used in the UK it will most probably only require to be certified with a Commissioner for Oaths stamp, we provide this service for £10 + VAT per document. If the document is to be used abroad it will require notarisation and apostille, depending on the country it may also require consular attestation, please consult us for a competitive quote. Some documents like British Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate are protected by the Crown Copyright, we cannot make a certified copy, they may just require the Apotille stamp attached

Notarisation and apostille uk, once notarised should it be legalised?

Not all documents require Notarisation before being able to get Legalised with an Apostille stamp from the Foreign Office, documents like an ACRO certificate with a signature, Birth Certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate... UK overseas territories only require notarisation unless instructed otherwise, South Africa require just notarisation, if the documents are for a country that are a member of the Hague Convention they generally require Notarisation and Apostille, if they are not a member of the Hague Convention they generally require Notarisation, Apostille and Consular Attestation, read our Legalisation page to find out more.