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Death Certificate Documents

Death Certificate

A Death Certificate is a document issued by the General Register Office certifying that a person is deceased. This is issued to the family of the deceased after the death is registered. It provides not only an explanation of how and why their relative passed away but also gives a permanent record of information about their family medical history.

A Death Certificate will contain the following information:

- Name and Surname of the deceased
- Their age at time of death
- Their last known occupation
- Where and when they died
- The cause of death
- The signature, description, and residence of the person who informed of the death and their relationship to the deceased
- The date when the death was registered

A Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) is slightly different to a death certificate. This is issued by a medical practitioner and allows the family of the deceased to register the death, whereas a death certificate is issued after the death is registered and allows the family to carry out the funeral and settle the estate of the deceased.

Copies of a Death Certificate can be ordered from the General Register Office.

A Notary can certify that an original Death Certificate is an authentic document and notarise it accordingly. If legalisation is required however, there may be no need for notarisation as the certificate will contain an official signature which will be recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.