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Notarisation of Sick Note Documents

Sick Note

A Notice of sickness may be required by an employer or travel agent/airline if an individual is not able to make a commitment due to sickness. They are similar to a doctor’s note, a doctor’s certificate, or a medical certificate.

The validity of a sick note may be questioned by the receiving party.

Notarising the sick note will validate it. In order to notarise a sick note, the notary will contact the issuer to verify that the contents of the note are genuine and that it was indeed created by the issuer.

At this point, the notary can notarise the original note, or make a copy of it and notarise it as a true copy of the original note. It may be prudent to make notarised copies of the note if you need to send it to more than one party.

You will need to contact the issuer to give consent to speak to the notary about the contents of the document, but the process is quite quick and straightforward.