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Change of Name Deed Documents

Change of Name Deed

A change of name deed is also known as a deed poll.
It is a legal document that proves that an individual has changed their name.
This change of name can include changing any part of a name, adding or removing names or hyphens or changing the spelling.

There are two forms of deed poll; an unenrolled deed poll, and an enrolled deed poll.

An unenrolled deed poll can be completed by any one above the age of 16, and consists of a declaration that needs to be signed by the applicant before two witnesses.

An enrolled deed poll is a change of name deed that has been put on public records. This can be done if the applicant is 18 or over. An application must be made to the Royal Courts of Justice using their deed poll process.

With regard to taking a spouse or civil partner’s surname, a deed poll is not necessary. A copy of the marriage or civil partnership certificate should be sent to record-holders, such as a local benefits office. Any required documents will be updated free of charge.

If there is a divorce or end to the civil partnership, an applicant can go back to their original name by showing record-holders their marriage certificate and decree absolute, or civil partnership certificate and final order.

A Notary Public will be able to draft this document on your behalf, and witness you signing the document. Alternatively, if you already have the document drafted, a Notary can either witness your signature, check the authenticity of the document and then notarise it, or make a copy of the original document and notarise the copy.