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Letter from an employer Documents

An employer can issue a letter for various reasons.  This may include a formal job offer, confirmation of service, confirmation of skills, references, disciplinary matters, loan application, pay advice, or pension matter.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.  The most common letter is one that provides evidence that an individual is currently working or has worked in the United Kingdom.  The letter is often used to continue employment in another country or to avoid double taxation.

Any letter regarding verification of any of the above should be dealt with professionally, even if it does not benefit the employer and should be drafted on letterheaded paper wherever possible.  A human resources officer or manager may be most appropriate person to draft the letter.

The Notary will contact the employer who issued the letter to verify that it was indeed issued by them and that the contents of the letter are true.  A Notary can notarise the original letter or a copy of it depending on what is required.