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Medical Report Documents

A medical report is produced following a medical examination.  It is an official document that is written by a medical professional and can focus on a specific injury or existing condition that has been aggravated by an accident, for example.

The report will contain details of how long your symptoms have lasted and how long the medical practitioner writing the report forecasts the symptoms to last, as well as how the injury will affect your every day life going forwards.  Consideration may also be given in the report to if you are able to continue working in the same way you did before the injury.

For insurance purposes, a medical report is necessary in ascertaining the amount of compensation that you are entitled to as this is based on the severity of the injury, its duration and how it has impacted your life.  The medical report acts as a professional assessment of this and may be required by insurance companies. 

Medical reports are often requested by employers or insurance companies.  Some companies require the report to be notarised before they can be submitted.  In this instance, the Notary will check the validity of the report by first identifying you and then verifying the contents by contacting the author.  The Notary will also check the qualification of the author of the report to ensure that they have the necessary competence to write the report.