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The Company - iNotary Ltd

iNotary Limited provides notary and legalisation services (the Company).
The Company has a registered office at 41 Park Lane, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 3EE.  It is registered by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales with registration number 13395201.  The Company is registered for VAT under number 381661387.
Steven Dasgupta is the Notary, owner and director of the Company (the Notary).  He is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Their contact details are as follows:
The Faculty Office
1, The Sanctuary
020 7222 5381
The Company will provide either a quotation for works, or the mechanism of fee calculation.   This quotation along with these Terms and Conditions (T & Cs) form a contract between you and the Company.  Agreement to a quotation or offer of work is deemed as acceptance of these T & Cs.  Any queries regarding this should be directed to The Notary.  If the Notary cannot carry out work requested by you, you will be notified from the outset and no contract between yourself and the Company will be formed.
A Timeframe will be provided at the outset for the completion of works requested by you.  Please note that this timeframe may be altered due to delays encountered by the Company from third party agencies such as the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Consulates or Embassies.  We will strive to keep you updated on the progress of your works.  Similarly, if additional fees are incurred, you will be notified of this. 
Our preference is to take instruction in writing.  We can also take instruction at a face to face meeting, or over the telephone.  It is your responsibility ensure that instructions and information provided are true, current and accurate.  The Company will bear no liability for mistakes made due to incorrect information being provided, or a lack of clear instruction.  The Company will always act on your instruction.  The Notary will provide guidance but decisions on you works must be made by you.

Know Your Client
The Company is required by our regulator to ascertain the identification of each of our clients.  As our client, you will be required to produce suitable photographic identification, preferably in the form of a passport, national identity card or driving licence.  You will also need to provide a proof of your address.  This can be provided in the form of a utility bill, council tax bill, or bank statement.  This list is not exhaustive.  If you are unsure about what documents to produce, please consult the Notary for guidance. 
Authority to sign
You will need to also provide evidence that you have the capacity and authority to sign your documents, if a signature is required.  If you are signing on behalf of a Company, UK based or otherwise, the Notary will require that you provide evidence that you are authorised to do so.  This can be achieved through production of constitutional documents such as the articles of association, directors list, board resolution, company register or power of attorney.
Capacity to sign
The Notary has to ascertain that you have the mental capacity to sign.  This will be achieved through a short interview with the Notary, where it will be checked that you know and understand what you are signing.  The Notary will also check that you are happy to sign the said document and that you are not being put under any undue stress, duress or pressure to do so.  The Notary may ask to speak to you individually to check that no duress is being put on you to sign a document.  The Notary also reserves the right to seek medical consultation, with your consent, to check mental capacity.  Refusal to give consent could result in the Notary declining to act on your behalf.
Anti-money laundering
The Notary is bound by law to prevent terrorism, money laundering, acts of violence, and organised crime.  The Notary may carry out additional checks to satisfy this requirement.  The Notary will refuse to undertake work or carry on any work if any of these factors are suspected.  The Notary will report anything suspicious to the relevant authorities and agencies. 

Additional Works
The Company also provide legalisation services.  This includes apostilles and attestations from consulates or embassies.  We can carry out legalisation work on your behalf, following your instruction.  A quote for this will be provided by the Company from the outset.  A timeframe for completion of these works will also be provided from the outset.  Additional works will attract additional fees.  The Company cannot be held responsible for the actions or omissions of third party agencies.

As stated above, a quote or mechanism of fee will be provided from the outset based on the information provided by yourself.  If this information changes, we reserve the right to change the fee to suit the new instruction.  Unless otherwise agreement, our fees and all disbursements must be paid before work is carried out. 
The Company is registered for VAT and this will be included in your quotation if you are based in the European Union.  If you do not believe that you should be charged VAT, please discuss this with the Notary.  Evidence may be required to prove this. 
If you instruct us, you are deemed to be our client.  Therefore you will be liable for any fees accrued in carrying out your works.  This includes any disbursements the Company has made on your behalf.
Work will not be released unless payment has been received by the Company in full, unless otherwise agreed.

Right of Refusal
The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry out any works, or cease to carry out any works already commenced.  You have the right to cancel work within 14 days of the instruction being given.  This right is waived if you instruct us to act immediately or to a set timeframe.
The contract you make is with the Company.  You will not claim against the directors, shareholders, consultants, or any individual employees personally with respect to any losses you incur in connection with the Company. 
There is no exclusion from liability for personal injury or death caused by negligence of the Company, its employees, or contractors, fraud or misrepresentation, and any other matters deemed unlawful.
The Company will not be liable to you in negligence, contract, tort or breach of statutory duty.
We will try to resolve any issues at the outset to ensure your satisfaction, including repeating works.  Your Consumer Rights can be checked at the Citizens Advice Bureau.
Data Protection and Confidentiality
Any information that you provide will be treated with the upmost confidence, unless it is available in the public domain.  The Company will only disclose your information in line with your works and your instruction.  Your information will only be provided to our employees, contractors or agencies associated with your works.
For some works we are under a duty by our regulator to retain your information indefinitely.  We also keep a copy of all works carried out by the Company.  Acceptance of these T & Cs will be taken as consent to retain your information. 
We may have to disclose information to relevant regulatory, law enforcement or legal agencies under the rules set by our regulator.
We are registered with the Information Commissioner´ Office (ICO) with the registration number ZB076789. The Notary is the Data Protection Compliance Officer and can be contacted by telephone: 020 70199007 or email: or by post to 30 Stamford Street, London SE1 9LQ.
The Company only processes personal data in line with the 8 principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
All original work created by the Notary or the Company is owned by the Company and subject to copyright.

Complaints Procedure
If you are not entirely satisfied with the service you have received at iNotary, please contact a member of our team directly and they will be happy to assist.
If this does not resolve the matter, a complaint can be made to The Notaries Society.  Our Notary, Steven Dasgupta is a member of the Notaries Society.  They have a Complaints Procedure that is fully approved by our regulator. There is no fee for the use of this procedure and it is designed to provide a swift resolution to any dispute.
The contact details for the Notaries Society are:
Mr Christopher Vaughan
The Notaries Society
Old Church Chambers
23 Sandhill Road
St James
Should you require further assistance, you may contact our regulator.  iNotary is regulated by The Master of Faculties at the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Master can be contacted via the following means:
Master of Faculties
1, The Sanctuary
We have professional indemnity liability cover of one million pounds.  This is the limit for our liability, unless in the case of injury or death, which out liability is limitless.
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