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Translation Documents


A notary public is primarily used to help execute documents in the UK. More often than not, these documents are to be used abroad. In many countries, documents need to be in the native language in order for them to work.

For example, if you wished to work in Romania and your English qualification certificates were required to apply for a job, you may need to have these certificates translated and then have the translation notarised.

The same may be required for a Power of Attorney that is going to be executed in the UK but used abroad. We can have the English Power of Attorney drafted, translated in to the required language and then have your signature on the translation notarised.

We can even notarise your signature on both the English and the translation and bind them together.

We have an efficient translation service, that not only translates your documents to a high degree of accuracy but also provides a Certificate of Authenticity for their translation.

The Certificate of Authenticity is sometimes a requirement for translations. We can notarise all of these documents on your behalf to ensure that your documents work when they reach their destination.