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Travel consent Docuemnt Notarisation

Consent to Travel abroad

A Consent to Travel Document a signed document, which allows a child to travel internationally with one parent or without either parent.

A Consent to Travel document can also be known as:

- Letter of Consent

- Consent form

- Travel Consent form

- Permission to Travel

It is generally required for minors under the age of 18. If only one parent is accompanying the child during travel, then the other parent will need to sign the document in order to give permission for the child to travel without them.

If the child is travelling without either parent, then the document must be signed by both parents, showing that they both expressly give their permission for the child to travel alone.

Consent from both parents is commonly required when the child is going on a school trip or is going to spend time abroad with a relative.

The Consent to Travel Document is often requested at the airport by immigration services, both before and after departure.

In order to add authenticity to the document, parents often need to sign before a notary, who will notarise the document accordingly. Most notaries will ask to see evidence in support of the document, such as the parents and child’s passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce documents, and travel itineraries.

Some notaries will notarise copies of these documents and attach them to the travel consent document.

Most Consent to Travel documents can be drafted by the notary or by the parents. It needs to contain identifying details for each parent and child, as well as details of travel. It should also contain express consent and permission by the parent that the child can travel.