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Travel consent Document Notarisation

Consent to Travel abroad

A Consent to Travel Document a signed document, which allows a child to travel internationally with one parent or without either parent.

A Travel Consent document can also be known as:

- Travel Consent Letter

- Letter of Consent

- Consent to Travel

- Parental Consent to Travel

- Consent Form

- Travel Consent form

- Permission to Travel

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

If a child is travelling alone, with one parent, or with a third party such as a family friend, it may be necessary for the non-travelling parent (or parents) to give express and written permission for the child to travel. A child is generally defined as a minor under the age of 18. Permission will also need to be granted by any parties that have parental responsibility or guardianship of the child or children in question.

If the child is travelling with one parent, then the non-travelling parent must sign a Travel Consent to evidence to the airline and any customs/border control agencies that the child is authorised to travel with that parent

If the child is travelling alone, in the company of a third party or on a school trip, where both parents are not travelling, then both parents (or those with parental responsibility/guardianship) will be required to sign the Travel Consent.

An appointment will be required, where the parent or parents will have to sign the document in person before a notary. During this appointment, the signatories will need to provide identification, in the form of a passport or driving licence, and provide evidence of their relationship to the child or children. This can come in the form of a birth certificate or child protection order. The child’s identification will also need to be provided. A travel itinerary and booking confirmations will also need to be provided.

If one parent is absent, the document can be signed during two separate appointments, however each parent will need to be made aware when the document has been fully executed.

If one parent is bereaved, a death certificate for the deceased parent will need to be provided. If sole custody has been gained by one parent, then evidence will have to be produced, preferably in the form of a Court Order.

The notary may include copies of the abovementioned documents with the travel consent document if necessary.

There are several formats that a travel consent can take with most airlines giving prescribed documents setting out exactly what information they require. Most travel consent documents will require the parent’s full names, passport details and address details, the child’s full name and passport details, details of all flights and also details of who will be responsible for the child during the travels. Details may also be included for who will take responsibility for any medical needs the child should have during travelling.

As a rule of thumb, the more information that can be provided on the travel consent, the more likely it is to be accepted.

Most Consent to Travel documents can be drafted by the notary or by the parents. It needs to contain identifying details for each parent and child, as well as details of travel. It should also contain express consent and permission by the parent that the child can travel.

An example of a free sample travel consent form can be downloaded here in word format to complete with the necessary details.

Airlines provided tailored advice on their travel consent requirements.

American Airlines travel consent form

British Airways travel consent form

Air Canada travel consent form

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