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Baptism Certificate Document

Baptism certificate

A baptism certificate is a record which states the date and place that an individual was baptism in to a Catholic parish or church. Before 1813, the information contained on the certificate was limited to the date, the child’s name, the father’s name and the church or parish where the baptism occurred. After 1813 a pre-printed baptism record book was introduced which included both parent’s names and professions, as well as where they lived and whom the baptism ceremony was performed.

This practice has continued to present day, meaning there is no central record held of baptisms or confirmations. The records are only available in the parish or church where the event took place.

A baptism certificate may be required if a person is starting a new school, getting confirmed, getting married, or if they are being asked to be a godparent or confirmation sponsor.

Due to the fact that only local records are held of these certificates, a Notary can carry out checks with the issuing parish in order to authenticate the document if required.