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Doctors Letter Documents

A medical certificate or doctor’s certificate is sometimes known as a doctor’s letter.  This can be used to confirm the results of a medical examination and may be required for a sporting event, workplace, college, or airline.

Sick days are counted as the number of days in a row that you have been sick.  This includes weekends and bank holidays.

If you are off work due to sickness for seven days or less, your employer will not normally ask for medical evidence.  You will only be required to complete a self-certification form.  If you are off work for longer than seven days, your employer will ask for a fit note (Statement of Fitness to Work) from your hospital doctor or GP.  These statements are sometimes referred to as a doctor’s note, doctor’s letter, or medical statement.  

There should not be a charge for a doctor providing a letter or note if you are off sick for more than seven days.  For a note for less than seven days, there may be a charge as this may require a private medical certificate.

A Notary will authenticate the document by checking its validity with the issuing authority.  Following this, a Notary can notarise either the original letter or a copy of it depending on what is required.