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Letter of Enrolment Documents

A letter of enrolment, also known as a Certificate of Enrolment, Proof of Enrolment or an Enrolment Status letter, can relate to a number of things. It can provide evidence that you are entered in to or have completed a course of study or prove your current student status.

A letter of enrolment may be required to evidence student status when applying for various things such as a bank account, proof of address, national insurance applications, council tax exemption, and visa application. It can also be used to extend a study permit.

The letter will contain various details such as the fact that you are fully enrolled, paying fees and have a student identification card. This letter is often produced the day after formal enrolment on to your chosen course, but some institutions will produce it while you wait. Most institutions can write personalised letters of enrolment depending on your requirements. There are some details that institutions will not include such as exam and submission dates, marks, details of conduct, academic performance and attendance records. These details can often be found on other documents such as degree or examination transcripts.

A Notary will verify the authenticity of the document by calling the institution that issued the letter. The Notary can the notarise either a copy of the original letter depending on what is required.