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Certificate of Incorporation Document

Certificate of Incorporation

A Certificate of Incorporation is a legal document created when a company is registered with the Registrar of Companies at Companies House. This is pursuant to the Companies Act 2006 and is when a company comes in to existence as a separate legal entity.

Details on the Certificate

The following information is shown on a Certificate of Incorporation:
1. Registered company name.
2. Company registration number
3. Date of incorporation (when was the company formed)
4. Company structure
5. Where is the company registered
6. Issuing Registrar (Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast)
7. The Companies Act under which the company is registered
8. Official seal of the Registrar of Companies
9. Royal Coat of Arms.


A company’s Certificate of Incorporation can be obtained by entering the required company’s name in the search bar on the Companies House Beta website. Once the correct company has been located, there is a tab labelled Filing History. This tab gives access to a variety of documents associated with the company including its Certificate of Incorporation, which can be downloaded in to PDF format.

A Certificate of Incorporation can act as proof that a company exists, was formed at Companies House and is a separate legal entity. It also proves that a company’s details are available to be viewed by the public. If the company’s name needs to be changed, Companies House will provide a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name, which will contain all of the details stated above as well as featuring both the new and old name of the company.

Sole Traders do not require a certificate of incorporation but instead will have a unique tax reference which is issued by HM Revenue and Customs. If certified copies of the Certificate of Incorporation are required, Notaries are able to access these through the Companies House Beta website, where the original can be viewed digitally. From here, certified copies can be made.